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Ear Reshaping in Turkey

Otoplasty surgery is a surgical procedure performed to reshape the size and shape of the ear and its folds.


Otoplasty surgery is a surgical procedure performed to reshape the size and shape of the ear and its folds.



Our partner hospitals in Turkey comply with the highest European quality standards.

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About Otoplasty Process with Estetica Istanbul

Type of Anesthesia Used
General / Local
Necessary stay in Istanbul
5/6 days
Intervention Time
between 45 minutes & 2 hours
1 hospital night, 6 hotel nights
Full Recovery
15/20 days
Definitive and visible in 6/8 months
Possibility of paying by monthly installment

Estetica Istanbul for Ear Surgery Aesthetics

Is Turkey a Good Choice for Ear Aesthetics?

Comparing the cost and quality of ear aesthetics (Bichectomy) performed in Turkey with the ones in EU, UK and USA, the cost of the service provided in clinics in Istanbul and quality comes to the fore. In addition to this, Turkey is ahead in otoplasty surgery with its surgeons who are experts in this field. It allows you to have an economical, high quality and healthy operation process.

Estetica Istanbul offers a full range of cosmetic and plastic surgeries focused on international guests in Istanbul. Estetica Istanbul is the starting point of your journey with maximum safety and an affordable price, with more than 10 years of experience in the organization of plastic surgery abroad.
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What is Otoplasty (Ear Aesthetic Surgery)?

Otoplasty, also known as aesthetic ear surgery, is the process of changing the shape, position or size of the ears.

Ear aesthetic surgery is performed to correct congenital or subsequent deformities in the ear. The deformity of the ear causes psychological problems in the person. Surgical procedures are needed for congenital or acquired ear problems. The most common ear deformity in society is prominent ear deformation.

To Whom Should Otoplasty (Ear Aesthetic Surgery) Be Applied?

Otoplasty can be done to anyone who is not satisfied with the shape of the ear. People who encounter the following problems in their ears mostly apply to otoplasty:

  • Those who have a larger or smaller ear structure than normal,
  • Those who complain about the structure of the ear due to a structural problem caused by injury, trauma or birth,
  • People with prominent ear anatomy apply to ear aesthetics.


Otoplasty Surgery Types

Prominent Ear Surgery

Prominent ear surgery is the most common congenital ear deformity with a 5% incidence among congenital ear deformities. While the height of a normal ear is 60-65 mm and its width is 20-35 mm, the ear height and width of a person with prominent ear problem are above these ratios.

Ear Lobe Aesthetics

Loboplasty, earlobe aesthetics, earlobe shaping or earlobe reduction surgery is performed to reshape and resize your earlobes. In adults, a common reason for earlobe reduction surgery is sagging caused by aging.

Earlobe reduction surgery is performed for the following reasons;

Torn Earlobes,
Elongated Earlobes,
Stretched Earlobes,

Ear Anomaly

Ear anomaly is used in the treatment of congenital ear deformities. There are several cases in which ear anomaly is seen such as:

It is the most common disorder among ear anomalies. Microtia means “small ear”. Most children with microtia have a normally formed inner ear, but in some cases all or part of the structures that make up the outer ear, including the opening, are absent. This condition can occur on one or both sides of the head. Without external structures to transmit sound to the inner ear, children often have difficulty hearing and detecting the direction of the sound. This is called auditory atresia. Some children with hearing atresia need hearing aids. Children with hearing atresia typically lack the formation of the small middle ear bones and may not have an eardrum.

Curved/cup ears
Curved/cup ears mean that the edge of the ear is tightened or narrowed. While the condition is mild in some patients, the condition can be severe with others. In the most severe cases, there are inner ear deformities that can affect hearing.

Prominent ear
Prominent ears do not normally affect hearing or balance.

Question Mark Ear

Question mark ear; It corresponds to ear problems such as lack of auricle, larger than normal earlobe and is used in the treatment.

Ear Rupture

Ear rupture generally occurs after trauma. Urgent and meticulous surgery is required for ear ruptures after trauma. The suturing process varies according to the condition and size of the ruptured part.

What You Should Know About Ear Reshaping Surgery

Estetica is performed by doctors who are experts in the field of otoplasty surgery in Istanbul. After the ear aesthetic surgery, the patient comes to the clinic free of charge every 2-3 days. The minimum stay in Istanbul should last for 5 days. Your cost during the ear aesthetic surgery and your stay at the hotel will be covered by us

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Am I a Suitable Candidate for Otoplasty?

The Most Suitable Candidates for Otoplasty;

  • Candidates Aged 5 and Over

Prominent ear problem also leads to psychological consequences, as children are ridiculed by their peers. At this point, prominent ear surgery should be performed starting from the age of 5.

  • Those with Good General Health Status

Any physical or psychological problem can increase the risk of complications and affect recovery. In addition, people who have quit smoking can have ear surgery. This is because smoking reduces blood flow and impairs your recovery time.

All About Otoplasty

Otoplasty (Ear Aesthetics)

Otoplasty is also sometimes called cosmetic ear surgery. The auricle consists of cartilage folds covered with skin. It begins to develop before birth and continues to develop in the years afterwards.

If your pinna is not developing properly, you may choose to have otoplasty to correct the size, position or shape of your ears.

There are several different types of otoplasty:

  • Ear enlargement: Some people may have small ears or not fully developed ears. In these cases, they may want to have otoplasty to enlarge their outer ears.
  • Ear attachment: This type of otoplasty involves moving the ears closer to the head. The application is performed on people whose ears protrude from the sides of their heads.
  • Ear reduction: Macrotia is when your ears are larger than normal. People with microtia resort to otoplasty to reduce the size of their ears.

How is Otoplasty Surgery Performed?

In ear aesthetics, the places where the ear should be intervened are decided first. Then, the necessary places for stitching that will not disturb the ear fold are targeted. Cartilage areas are rasped. The tissues are removed from the necessary places and the ear is brought to the desired form. Stitches are made from the necessary places behind the ear. If your surgery will be done with local anesthesia, you should stop eating and drinking including water 8 hours before the scheduled time for the operation. If it will be with general anesthesia you should stop eating at 11pm the day before your operation date. After the operation, which will take approximately 1 hour, a bandage is worn to preserve the given shape and reduce swelling and edema. You may not feel pain thanks to the medications given when you go to your room. In surgeries performed with local anesthesia, you can start eating when you go back to your hotel room as it isn’t necessary to stay in the clinic. On the other hand when general anesthesia is performed, you will stay for one night in the clinic, therefore you will wait for 4 hours after the surgery so that you can eat.

Note: While ear aesthetics is performed under general anesthesia at young ages, it can be performed under local anesthesia in adults. If the patient has concerns, general anesthesia is also preferred in adults.

What are the Advantages of Otoplasty?

You can reach the following advantages with otoplasty:

  • With otoplasty, the ears of the person have an aesthetic appearance.
  • When applied to children, psychological problems that may occur are prevented.
  • Otoplasty surgery mostly gives positive results.

What are the Points to Consider Before Otoplasty?

There are some situations that you should pay attention to before applying for otoplasty such as the following:

  • Clinic and doctor selection is very important. Therefore, doctors and clinics should be thoroughly investigated.
  • An examination should be made after choosing a doctor. During the examination, you should discuss all your thoughts with your doctor.
  • It should not be forgotten that you should share this information with your doctor if there is any disease or medication that your doctor should know.
  • Before ear surgery, if there is blood thinning medication, it should be discontinued 10 days before, and foods and plants that will dilute the blood should be avoided.

What Should Be Considered After Otoplasty?

  • After ear aesthetics, a bandage is attached to you. This bandage should be worn for 3 days without removing it.
  • Ears and bandage should be protected from water for 3 days. It can be washed from the neck down.
  • At the end of 3 days, the bandage can be removed and a shower can be taken.
  • You should take care to use the medications given by your doctor in a timely manner.
  • You should take care of your diet after the surgery, you should stay away from excessively salty food. You should drink plenty of water.
  • You should stay away from cigarettes, hookahs and tobacco products, and you should not be in the places where they are used.
  • You should avoid blows to the ears, pulling, opening movements. Impacts to the ear can cause distortion of the shape.
  • If your doctor allows, you can use glasses after about 2 months.

You can contact Estetica Istanbul to get information about ear aesthetics prices in Turkey. You can meet with the best ear aesthetics surgeons through Estetica Istanbul, one of the best ambassadors in Turkey for medical tourism.

Frequently Asked Questions About Otoplasty

If otoplasty is applied with appropriate conditions and correct techniques, there is no harm. Therefore, choosing the right doctor is very important.

Prominent ear surgery can be performed at any age. However, it is more advantageous to do it early. In the case of prominent ear surgery, it can be performed from the age of 4-5 when the cartilage development begins to be completed.

Ear aesthetics is a permanent application.

With the approval of your doctor, you can travel at least one week after the operation

3 days after ear aesthetics, the dressings are removed. You can take a shower easily, but you should stay away from excessively hot water.