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Facelift Surgery in Turkey

Facelift, or rhytidectomy, as it is known in medicine, is a cosmetic surgery performed to create a younger look on your face. process.


Facelift, or rhytidectomy, as it is known in medicine, is a cosmetic surgery performed to create a younger look on your face. process.

About Face Lift Process with Estetica Istanbul

5/6 days
between 45 minutes & 2 hours
1 hospital night, 6 hotel nights
15/20 days
Definitive and visible in 6/8 months
Possibility of paying by monthly installment

Estetica Istanbul for Face Lift Aesthetics

Free Consulting Without Commitment

Free consultation service; traditional face lift, mini face lift, mid face lift and other swim lift techniques It allows them to get information from expert consultants about the subject. The patient can get advice online via our website, social pages and WhatsApp. You can also communicate seamlessly with our beauty consultants who speak Italian, English, Arabic and French.

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We will be happy to welcome you with our experienced team of doctors and different fields of expertise. You can review our doctors on our website and choose the doctor you want to have the procedure.

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Make an appointment for checks on your complaint. Let’s decide together the most suitable procedure for you.

VIP Transfers

Estetica Istanbul offers special services to you, our valued patients before, during and after the facelift It offers a VIP transfer service with a chauffeur. The patient is met by our staff at Istanbul or Sabiha Gökçen Airport and transferred to the hotel and clinic. At the end of their stay, the patient will be taken back to the airport. In addition, the patient and his companion will be able to benefit from the service in their spare time for extra travel.

Expert Visits

By visiting your pre-operative facelift doctor free of charge, during your visit You can learn about surgery or treatments. In addition, periodic controls will be provided after the operation.

4/5 Star Hotel after the operation

Our partner hotels are located in the center of Istanbul. Therefore, you can find a comfortable environment before and after the surgery. Accommodation includes breakfast, along with on-site dining and entertainment options. According to the agreements made with our hotels and/or the hotel preferences of the patient, we book a double room (if accompanied) and also a SUITE option.

24/7 Interpreter and Assistance

Our translators will always be with you, who will enable you to communicate with our specialists by speaking your mother tongue during your stay at our hospital. In addition, you will be constantly assisted by an expert translator in order for you to have a comfortable communication process in Istanbul during your stay, and if you wish, our city guide – interpreting service will be provided to you, subject to a fee.


Estetica Istanbul provides the accommodation facilities it provides to its patients to its companions, provided that they are a single person. While experiencing the happiness of achieving the look of your dreams; Estetica Istanbul, which provides all the conditions for your companion to enjoy Istanbul with a close friend, family member or spouse; It also covers the cost of your companion’s accommodation, transfer and other facilities included in the package.

First Night After Surgery

You will be hosted at the clinic for one night in order to be under observation after the surgery. In this process, it is aimed to minimize the level of swelling and pain that may occur by providing constant control by our nurses.


You need to stay in Istanbul for 6 nights in the post-operative period, in order to come to the clinic regularly for control purposes. Your stay in Istanbul is carried out by 4-5 star hotels with which the clinic has contracted and hotel expenses are covered by our clinic.

Is Turkey a Good Choice for Face Lift?

Comparing the cost and quality of facelift applications in Turkey in the EU, UK and USA The cost of the service provided in clinics in Istanbul and Turkey and quality comes to the fore. In addition to this, Turkey is ahead in face lift surgery with its surgeons who are experts in the field of face lift aesthetics, customer satisfaction rate and clinics providing qualified service; It allows you to have an economical, high quality and healthy operation process.

The Cost of Face Lift Surgery in Turkey

Turkey England USA
1450 ₤ 6.080 8,000$
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Partner hospitals in Turkey which comply with the highest European quality standards

We work with the best hospitals and medical clinics in Istanbul providing a range of cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures with great safety and affordable prices.


Estetica Istanbul offers a full range of cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures in Istanbul focused on international clients. With over 10 years of experience in organizing cosmetic surgery abroad, Estetica Istanbul is the starting point of your journey for maximum safety at an affordable price.
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Face Lift

Over time, differences appear on our faces. Smoking, stress, gravity, sun, loss of facial fat play a role in the youthful appearance of our face.

With facelift surgery, you can remove the signs of aging on the face and neck.

Who Should Apply Face Lift?

You can apply for facelift surgery if:

  • You are physically healthy and do not have a medical condition that affects your body’s ability to heal.
  • You don’t smoke.
  • You are mentally healthy and have realistic expectations for facelift results.

Am I a Suitable Candidate for a Face Lift?

The best candidates for facelift surgery are patients who have signs of aging on the face but still have skin elasticity. Usually this includes patients aged 40 to 60 years, but people younger or older than this range may sometimes be good candidates for surgery.

Types of Facelift

Facelift operations, which are performed with the aim of reversing the changes in the facial skin with aging and giving the face a younger and more vibrant appearance, can be performed in different ways according to the expectations of the patients, the content of the problem, and the facial and skin characteristics. The types of face lift surgeries are as follows:

Traditional Face Lift

A traditional facelift surgery involves incisions made around your ears, hairline, and under your chin. The surgeon separates your skin from the underlying tissues and tightens the muscles and other supporting structures of your face and neck. The surgeon also removes excess fat from the neck and jowl area when necessary. The surgeon then naturally repositions your skin to your face and removes excess skin. This surgery is generally recommended for people who want optimal improvement in moderate to significant facial aging.

SMAS Face Lift (SMAS rhytidectomy)

A SMAS (superficial muscle aponeurotic system, muscle layer of your face) facelift targets the lower two-thirds of your face. In this surgical procedure, a surgeon tightens your muscle and trims excess skin and/or fat on your cheeks and lower face. The SMAS facelift is a variation of the traditional facelift.

Deep Plan Face Lift

In deep plan facelift surgery, the surgeon removes the SMAS (muscle layer of your face), fat and skin as a single unit. Deep plane lifts often address multiple areas of your face at once.

Medium Face Lift

Mid facelift surgery treats the cheek area of your face. A surgeon repositions the fat on your cheek and tightens the skin in your cheek area.

Mini Face Lift

Mini facelift surgeries focus on lifting your lower face and neck area. It is a faster and less invasive surgery than other facelift surgeries. Surgeons usually recommend mini facelifts to people who are younger and only have early signs of sagging.

Skin (skin) Face Lift

Skin facelifts involve only your skin and usually focus on your neck and lower face.

Face Lift at Estetica Istanbul

Estetica is performed by doctors who are experts in the field of face lift surgery in Istanbul. After the operation, we host you in Istanbul for a total of 9 nights, including 1 night in the hospital and 8 nights in the hotel. Estetica Istanbul, which has made quality service its aim, is with you throughout the process and the patient is accompanied for a free check-up every 2-3 days. The night you spent in our hospital after the procedure facelift surgery It is included in the package price; The cost of 9 nights of hotel accommodation is also covered by our hospital.

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All About Face Lift

What is Face Lift?

As we age, sagging and wrinkles occur in the skin and tissues. YThe volume and displacement of the subcutaneous fat tissue in different parts of the face, as well as the changes in the facial bones, cause the face to look old. Face lift, also known as rhytidectomy, is a surgical procedure that lifts and tightens facial tissues.

Face lift surgery involves removing excess skin, smoothing folds or wrinkles and tightening facial tissue and making the face youthful, It aims to provide a lively and rested expression.

How is Face Lift Surgery Performed?

Face Lift Surgery is determined specifically for each person by determining the needs of the person. A physical examination that primarily evaluates the person’s facial anatomy. is performed. At this stage, the wishes of the person and whether these requests are applicable are checked and face lift surgery is planned in line with the recommendations. Before the Face Lift Surgery, a series of examinations are performed regarding the suitability of the person for the surgical operation. These examinations are exactly the same as the tests applied before any surgical operation. The person’s blood values, hormone values, and whether there is a disease that prevents surgery are checked. After it is decided that the person is a suitable candidate for surgery, the preparation and planning phase is carried out.

Things to Consider Before Facelift

Some preparations need to be made before surgery. Thanks to these preparations, a more comfortable process develops both during and after the procedure. Things to consider before the operation;

  • The patient’s general health status is evaluated and existing chronic diseases are determined.
  • People who use blood thinners stop using this medicine at least 10 days before under the control of a doctor.
  • Harmful substances such as alcohol and cigarettes should not be used.
  • The patient clearly explains to his doctor what he expects from the operation.

It is important to complete the preparation stage completely in order to have a successful and uncomplicated facelift surgery.

Things to Consider After Facelift

Some maintenance should be performed in order to shorten the recovery time and to see the result of the procedure in a short time. These are;

  1. The drain behind the ear is removed 24 hours after the surgery.
  2. It is necessary to apply ice for 15 minutes at 2 hour intervals.
  3. Discharged from hospital after 48 hours.
  4. The stitches are removed after 1 week. The metal sutures thrown into the hair are removed.
  5. It should be kept in mind that at least 1 month should be waited for doing sports.

You can contact Estetica Istanbul for information about facelift prices in Turkey. Leading health tourism agency/clinic in Turkey Best cheek in its field through Estetica Istanbul aestheticians can meet with ; you can have quality in aesthetics.


Frequently Asked Questions About Face Lifting

Ameliyat sonuçları yaklaşık 2 ay gibi bir sürede ortaya çıkar. Ödem ve morlukların iyileşmesi için bu süreye ihtiyaç vardır. Cildin kendi rengine kavuşması ve cilt esnekliğini geri kazanır. Operasyondan sonra genel olarak farklı bir yüz yapısına sahip olunacağı düşünülür fakat Yüz şekli değişmez sadece genç ve dinamik bir görüntü elde edilir.

After removal of the drains, the patient is discharged. Removal of the sutures is possible seven or ten days after the operation. After 10 days, there is no problem for the patient to fly.

Other aesthetic operations that can be applied together with facelift surgery are:

  • Blepharoplasty (eyelid lift).
  • Rhinoplasty (nose job).
  • Facial implants.
  • Brow lift.
  • It can be applied together with liquid face lift with injectable dermal fillers.

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    Shopping & Daily Transfer Planning

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