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Unshaven Hair Transplant Turkey (U-FUE)

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Overview of Unshaven Hair Transplant



Duration of Surgery

4-8 hours

Hospital Stay

1 night

Work Leave

1 week

Complete Recovery

2-3 moths


6-12 months

Unshaven Hair Transplant Surgeons in Turkey

Turkey is one of the leading countries in the world in hair transplantation and offers a special expertise in unshaven hair transplantation. This method is especially preferred for individuals who want to return to their work life quickly and do not want the healing process to be noticeable after the transplant procedure. Unshaven hair transplant doctors perform the procedure by placing new hair follicles between the natural hair without shaving the entire hair or the area to be transplanted. Expert hair transplant doctors prepare personalized treatment plans to achieve the best results in accordance with patients’ needs and expectations. This approach has made Turkey a preferred destination for those seeking unshaven hair transplantation.

Best Unshaven Hair Transplant Clinics in Turkey

In Turkey, there are many leading hospitals and clinics that offer unshaven hair transplantation services. These clinics achieve high success rates by using the latest hair transplant technologies. The best unshaven hair transplant hospitals in Turkey offer their patients a comfortable experience with personalized treatment plans, affordable prices and luxury accommodation options, while aiming to maximize post-treatment satisfaction. These clinics have international accreditations and attach great importance to the safety and satisfaction of patients as well as their quality services.

As Estetica Istanbul, we offer our guests a highly comfortable fat transfer experience by working with leading hospitals that provide professional services.

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Unshaven Hair Transplant Before and After in Turkey

Unshaven Hair Transplant Turkey Reviews


Evadne G.

I had a breast lift operation with Estetica Istanbul's health tourism service. Doctors and staff were extremely interested, and the postoperative results were above my expectations.

Thessaly Y.

Estetica Istanbul serves with a team of experts in breast lift. A detailed planning was made before the operation and the postoperative process was very comfortable.

Isabeau T.

I had a breast lift operation in Estetica Istanbul and I think my decision was right. Their support before and after the operation was admirable.

Serenella O.

My breast lift operation took place in Estetica Istanbul and I am very pleased with the results. I felt safe thanks to the expert doctors and friendly staff.

Linnet K.

Choosing Estetica Istanbul for breast lift surgery was not only an aesthetic change, but also an adventure. The sincerity of the friendly team impressed me.

Merewen M.

The time I spent with the Estetica Istanbul team was much more than just a patient. Besides my breast lift operation, I made new friends. They really love their job.

Amalthea J.

The Estetica Istanbul team was not only professional but also a sincerely caring group of people in my breast lift operation. I felt confident and the results are marvellous

Sapphira P.

My breast lift operation turned into a story of transformation at Estetica Istanbul. Here, I not only underwent surgery, but also closed an important page in my life and stepped into a new beginning.

Ondine E.

I had a breast lift at Estetica Istanbul and it was a really friendly experience. The doctors did their best to understand not only the operation but also my feelings. I am grateful for their attention and sincerity

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Estetica Istanbul for Unshaven Hair Transplant

Which is the best unshaven hair transplant clinic in Turkey?

There are many clinics in Turkey that perform unshaven hair transplantation. Before choosing these clinics, you can make a preliminary consultation with Estetica’s expert team and choose the best unshaven hair transplant clinic.

Can she have a hair transplant in Turkey without shaving her head?

In Turkey, you can have a hair transplant operation without shaving your head.

Is unshaven hair transplantation good?

Unshaven hair transplantation is a very good option for people who want to get a natural look. Therefore, you can have it done with peace of mind.

Is unshaved hair transplant painful?

Contrary to popular belief, unshaven hair transplantation technique is a very painless and painless procedure. You do not need to worry about this.

Is unshaven hair transplantation safe in Turkey?

Unshaven hair transplantation in Turkey is quite safe. Because there are many professional clinics and doctors in Turkey. Before deciding on an unshaved hair transplant clinic and doctor, be sure to contact Estetica Istanbul’s professional team. Thus, you will decide together on the best clinic for you.

Does unshaven hair transplant leave scars?

After unshaven hair transplantation, there is no visible scar because your hair camouflages these scars.

Unshaven Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey

The unshaven hair transplantation price in Turkey varies depending on many factors. These factors include the location of the chosen clinic, the experience of the surgeon, and the amount of hair follicles to be transplanted. Overall, the cost of unshaven hair transplantation in Turkey can be more affordable compared to other popular hair transplant destinations such as Europe and the United States.

Unshaven Price in Turkey and Unshaven Hair Transplant Prices in USA & UK

Unshaven hair transplant prices in Turkey stand out with its competitive pricing as well as the high quality services it offers. The cost of unshaven hair transplantation in this country is generally more affordable compared to Western countries such as the US and the UK, making Turkey an attractive option for international patients. In the table below, unshaven hair transplant prices in Turkey and unshaven hair transplant prices in the US and UK are given. However, these prices vary depending on the needs of the person, the expertise of the doctor and the clinic.

When we examine the unshaved hair transplant prices in Istanbul, it can be observed that it is more affordable than other cities in Turkey. Istanbul, which is so advantageous in terms of cost, also has easy transportation in terms of accessibility.

Country Unshaven Hair Transplant Costs
Unshaven Hair Transplant Price İn Turkey $3000 – $4500
Unshaven Hair Transplant Price İn United Kingdom £7,000 – £8,000
Unshaven Hair Transplant Price İn USA $10.100 – $11.000

Step by Step Experience for International Patients

Estetica Istanbul, which has more than 10 years of experience in health tourism, provides services in an inclusive way. Every stage in the aesthetic processes of the guests is perfectly organized. Aesthetic surgeries are performed by the most successful doctors in the best hospitals in Turkey. The choice of hospital and specialist doctor is left to the guest’s request.

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Within the scope of our free consultancy service; we provide you with detailed information about your journey to Turkey and your aesthetic procedures. Our expert team informs you about the process and offers solutions to all the questions you have in mind.

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Your aesthetic date is determined by the availability of you and your doctor. You have the chance to easily choose the date that suits you best. After a comfortable journey, our VIP vehicle will be waiting for you at the airport.

High Quality Accommodation

In our contracted luxury hotels located in the center of Istanbul, we offer breakfast as well as dining and entertainment options. We also offer you double room and suite options according to the agreement.


As Estetica Istanbul, we do not forget your companions. Accommodation, transfer and other facilities included in the aesthetic package are also valid for your companion.

Examination & Surgery

After your examination is completed by the specialist doctor of your choice, you will be ready for aesthetics. We will provide all your transportation between the hospital and the hotel with VIP services.

First Night After Surgery

You will be hosted at the clinic for one night after the surgery for rest and controls. In this process, all your controls are provided by experts.

Enjoy Istanbul

We organize small excursions for you to witness the history and culture of Istanbul. We will guide you on your shopping and entertainment trips.

24/7 Medical Interpreter and Support

Our translators at our agency provide you with accurate and reliable communication during your aesthetic process. You can reach our experts at any time of the day.

What is Unshaven Hair Transplant?

Unshaved hair transplantation, also known as “No-shaving” or “U-Fue”, is a method developed especially for individuals who have aesthetic concerns among hair transplantation procedures and who want to return to their daily life immediately after the procedure. This method is a variation of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) techniques and eliminates the need to shave all the hair in the donor area. During this procedure, the hair transplant doctor selects and removes only the hair follicles to be transplanted one by one, while the rest of the hair remains at its natural length. In this way, the post-procedure healing process is less noticeable and patients can return to their social life immediately. Since this no-shaving procedure requires high precision and experience, it should be performed by specialized doctors. No-shaving hair transplantation is an ideal solution especially for people who do not want to be interrupted in their work or social life and who want to hide the fact that they have undergone hair transplantation from those around them.

How is Unshaven Hair Transplant Performed?

Unshaven hair transplantation is specifically applied as a variation of the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method, which eliminates the need to shave the entire donor area during this procedure.

In this very easy procedure, local anesthesia is first applied to the patient. After anesthesia, the hair transplant surgeon selects individual hair follicles from the donor area. These follicles are carefully removed using special tools without disturbing the natural length of the hair. After this removal, channels are opened without shaving the hair. Follicles are transplanted into these channels at the right angle and direction. Thus, it is aimed to achieve a natural appearance. After the unshaven hair transplant procedure is over, the patient can resume his/her normal life.

Types of Unshaven Hair Transplantation

Unshaved hair transplantation methods are diverse treatment options designed specifically for the hair loss problems and aesthetic expectations of individuals. Depending on the intensity of hair loss, the quality of the donor hair and the lifestyle of the patients, different hair transplantation techniques may be preferred. This customized approach offers natural-looking results unique to each individual and effectively solves the problem of hair loss. Unshaven hair transplantation methods can be analyzed under three main categories. These are; completely unshaven hair transplantation, partial unshaven (limited donor area) hair transplantation and shaved donor area hair transplantation.

Shaved Donor Area, Unshaven Recipient Area Hair Transplant

The shaved donor area, unshaven recipient area hair transplantation technique offers an ideal solution, especially for individuals who want to hide the presence of the hair transplant procedure. In this method, the hair in the donor area is shaved for a short period of time to remove the hair follicles, while the natural length of the hair is preserved in the area to be transplanted. This approach facilitates the collection of follicles and makes the transplantation process more efficient. By not shaving the hair in the recipient area, any scarring or signs of hair transplantation are minimized during the healing process after the procedure. This method offers an excellent alternative for individuals who have high aesthetic concerns and want to return to their social life immediately after the hair transplant procedure. This procedure, which can be completed in a short time, is highly effective in achieving natural-looking results and has become a preferred method by most patients.

Limited Shaved Donor Area Hair Transplant

In this popular method of hair transplantation, a specific area of the donor area is shaved to harvest hair follicles. However, during this shaving process, the hair follicles are removed carefully and selectively, thus limiting the number of follicles removed in a controlled manner. This approach helps to maintain the density of the hair in the donor area and allows the scars that may occur in the places of the removed hair follicles to be easily camouflaged with natural hair. Thanks to this technique, hair transplantation provides an unobtrusive appearance and people do not have to worry about aesthetics after the procedure.

Completely Unshaven Hair Transplant

This highly nuanced and specialized hair transplantation method adopts a completely unshaven approach. During the procedure, the natural state of the hair is preserved while both the hair follicles are removed from the donor area and transplanted to the recipient area. This method makes the hair transplantation process almost impossible to notice from the outside. Because the existing hair skillfully camouflages the newly added hair follicles and any scars. This technique is especially ideal for individuals who do not want to leave any trace of the hair transplant procedure and want to continue their social life without interruption. This procedure, which requires a high level of care and professionalism, is successfully performed by surgeons specialized in hair transplantation and offers patients the opportunity to have natural-looking hair even immediately after the procedure.

Who’s a Good Candidate For Unshaven Hair Transplant?

  • The unshaven hair transplant operation is generally suitable for those with mild to moderate hair loss.
  • For hair transplantation, donor hair of sufficient quantity and quality must be available. Hair density should be high, especially on the back and sides of the scalp.
  • Unshaven hair transplantation is ideal for professionals who want to return to normal life immediately after the procedure.
  • Unshaved hair transplantation is a suitable option for individuals who are particularly sensitive about hair loss and want to regain their aesthetic appearance as soon as possible after the operation.

What are the Advantages of Unshaved Hair Transplant Treatment?

Unshaved hair transplantation treatment offers a modern and effective solution to hair loss problems and provides many advantages to patients. These advantages make the person feel physically and mentally well. These advantages are as follows;

  • Not shaving the hair during the unshaven hair transplant procedure makes the treatment less noticeable. This ensures that there is no interruption in work and social life.
  • Unshaved hair transplant surgery allows the hair to be transplanted in its natural direction and density, resulting in extremely natural-looking results.
  • The unshaven technique allows selective removal of hair follicles in the donor area. This means less scarring in the transplant area.
  • This method offers a wide range of application possibilities for individuals with mild to moderate hair loss and those who want to increase hair density.

Disadvantages of Unshaven Hair Transplant Treatment

Although unshaved hair transplantation treatment has many advantages, it also has potential disadvantages. These disadvantages vary from person to person. These disadvantages are as follows;

  • The unshaved hair transplant procedure is a procedure that requires a high degree of expertise and experience. Therefore, the choice of clinics and surgeons offering this treatment is very important.
  • Unshaved hair transplantation is a procedure that requires a high degree of expertise and experience. Therefore, the choice of clinics and surgeons offering this treatment is very important.
  • Since the unshaven hair transplantation method requires the removal of hair follicles one by one, the procedure time may be longer than traditional methods.
  • Unshaven hair transplantation can limit the amount of hair follicles that can be harvested from the donor area. This can be a disadvantage, especially for individuals who want to cover large bald areas.

Unshaven Hair Transplant Surgery Process in Turkey


First Meeting

The cornerstone of the unshaved hair transplantation process is undoubtedly the initial interview and evaluation phase. In this important step, individuals share their expectations and the problems they experience with hair loss with the physician in detail. The physician makes an evaluation in the light of this information and gives a clear idea about whether the hair follicles are suitable for the unshaven hair transplantation method.



In line with the decision made, a comprehensive operation plan for hair transplantation is prepared. During the planning phase, treatment protocols and operation strategies designed specifically for the patient are determined. Afterwards, blood tests, urine tests and local anesthesia allergy tests are performed to examine the patient’s health status in detail.


Implementation of the operation

Following the successful completion of all necessary analyzes and health checks, the unshaven hair transplantation process begins. At this stage, the most appropriate anesthesia method for the patient – usually local anesthesia or sedation – is applied. This way, the patient does not feel any pain or discomfort during the procedure. During the procedure, the hair follicles are carefully selected and collected. Meanwhile, the donor and recipient area is not shaved. This ensures that a natural appearance is maintained after the procedure.


Step by Step to Recovery

After the successful completion of the unshaved hair transplantation procedure, patients begin the recovery process. There are some rules to be followed during this period. Thanks to these rules, both the healing process is accelerated and the quality of the results obtained increases. As long as there are no complications after the operation, patients are discharged on the same day. However, it takes 2-3 months for full recovery to be observed.


Final Results

After a 2 to 3 month recovery period, patients can usually observe impressive improvement and hair growth. At the end of this period, individuals who have undergone hair transplantation can enjoy natural-looking and dense hair.

What are the Differences Between FUE and U-FUE (Unshaven) Hair Transplantation?


  • In the traditional FUE technique, hair follicles are harvested one by one, leaving short hairs in the harvested areas or shaving them completely. Therefore, short hair scars may remain in the harvested area after the procedure.
  • In the traditional FUE procedure, individual hair follicles are harvested from the donor area and then transplanted into the recipient’s balding areas.
  • Small scars may occur in the donor area due to hair follicles harvested with the traditional FUE technique. These scars usually heal in a short time, but if shaved, there may be a short-term aesthetic discomfort.


  • In U-FUE, known as the unshaven FUE technique, the hair is not shortened or shaved while the hair follicles are removed. In this way, short hair scars do not form in the area after the procedure.
  • In the U-FUE technique, the hair follicles are taken unshaven and then transplanted. This can lead to a faster healing process and less discomfort.
  • Due to the hair follicles harvested with the unshaven FUE technique, there is no or minimal scarring in the donor area. This can lead to a faster healing process and less discomfort.