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Teeth Whitening in Turkey

The purpose of the teeth whitening process performed by dentists is to give the teeth a white and aesthetic appearance. 

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The purpose of the teeth whitening process performed by dentists is to give the teeth a white and aesthetic appearance. 

About Teeth Whitening Treatment Process with Estetica Istanbul

5/6 days
between 10 to 30 min.
Possibility of paying by monthly installment

Estetica Istanbul for Teeth Whitening

Is Turkey a Good Choice for Teeth Whitening?

Comparing the cost and quality of teeth whitening performed in Turkey with the ones in EU, UK and USA, the cost of the service provided in clinics in Istanbul and quality comes to the fore. In addition to this, Turkey is ahead in teeth whitening with its surgeons who are experts in this field. It allows you to have an economical, high quality and healthy operation process.

Estetica Istanbul offers a full range of cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures in Istanbul focused on international guests. With over 10 years of experience in organizing cosmetic surgery abroad, Estetica Istanbul is the starting point of your journey for maximum safety at an affordable price.
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Teeth whitening (Bleaching)

Tooth structure and the white appearance of the teeth are very important in terms of aesthetics. Teeth whitening, which allows the person to smile and feel more comfortable, is a treatment frequently applied by dentists in recent years. Tooth whitening is the removal of colored organic and inorganic substances formed in the porous enamel and dentin structure on the surface of the teeth by our specialist physicians.

To Whom Should Teeth Whitening Be Applied?

Teeth whitening cannot be applied in some cases such as:

  • People with large pulp teeth,
  • Extremely worn teeth,
  • In teeth with porcelain crown application,
  • In women during pregnancy and lactation,
  • Individuals with poor oral health,
  • In people with dental structural disorders,
  • People with tooth sensitivity,

Teeth whitening cannot be applied to people with tooth fractures or tooth decay.

Am I a suitable candidate for teeth whitening?

The most suitable candidates for professional teeth whitening application, those who have healthy teeth and healthy gum tissues without fillings and restorations are suitable candidates for teeth whitening.

Teeth Whitening Surgery Techniques

Teeth whitening techniques are different. These techniques are;

Office type teeth whitening (Power Bleaching)

This method is also known as the “Laser teeth whitening method” and is performed by the physician in the clinic. The treatment lasts for about an hour. The application time is shorter than other methods. The whitening gel applied on the teeth by the dentist is activated with the help of UV light or laser. In a short time, your tooth color will lighten by 3-4 tones. It is the fastest, most effective and reliable whitening technique.

Teeth whitening at home (Home Bleaching)

In the home-type teeth whitening method, personalized whitening plaques are prepared with a simple measurement taken from the mouth. Certain amounts of dental gel are placed in these prepared plates. Home-type teeth whitening is the whitening process done by putting gels into plastic mouthpieces. Desired whitening is achieved in an average of 5-7 days. It needs to be worn 4-8 hours a day (depending on the color and gel).

Combined teeth whitening (Home + office whitening)

With this method, teeth whitening is applied together at home and in the office environment. After it is applied in the clinic, the process is supported with home bleaching for 2-3 days.

Single tooth whitening (internal whitening)

Single tooth whitening is a technique applied to teeth that change color after root canal treatment. The filling in the tooth is removed, the whitening gel is applied to the opened space, and then the tooth is closed with a temporary filling. The sessions are repeated at 3-day intervals until the desired color is achieved.

Teeth Whitening at Estetica Istanbul

In Estetica Istanbul, the teeth whitening process is carried out by doctors who are experts in their field. Estetica Istanbul continues to be the best in its field with the latest technology techniques and patient satisfaction. During the process, you are provided to complete the process accompanied by an interpreter.

What You Should Know About Teeth Whitening

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All About Teeth Whitening

What is Teeth Whitening (Bleaching)?

Teeth whitening is the process used to remove stains that have lost their whiteness over time due to heavy use of cigarettes and coffee.

How Is Teeth Whitening Made?

First, an examination is performed by our dentist. After the examination, according to whether you have a healthy tooth structure, the most suitable teeth whitening technique is determined for the patient

Considerations After Teeth Whitening

The patient has more or less sensitivity. These sensitivities are temporary, they disappear in 1-3 days. Painkillers can be used on the first day if necessary.
In the first few days, consuming extremely cold or hot food should be avoided.

Products with dark colors such as cigarettes, tea, coffee, chocolate, red wine, cherry, caramel, tomato paste should not be consumed for at least 3-4 days after the end of the process.

The use of whitening toothpaste will also prolong the whitening effect. Toothpastes or tooth powders that contain abrasives should never be used in this process.

The effect of whitening is maintained for a long time in patients who brush their teeth at least twice a day, have regular check-ups every 6 months and finally the one who do not smoke and do not consume excessive tea and coffee.

You can contact Estetica Istanbul for more information about teeth whitening and to have the doctor’s opinion about what’s best for your case

Frequently Asked Questions About Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a permanent process as long as you take into considerations the necessary precautions to maintain the white color

No, teeth whiteners are not effective on dentures, fillings, crowns and veneers. It only works on natural teeth.