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Fat Transfer in Turkey

  • Single cost in fat transfer packages; no additional costs
  • Safe travel and comfortable stay
  • International success of doctors and hospitals

Overview of Fat Transfer Surgery Istanbul



Duration of Surgery

1 hours

Hospital Stay

Not necessary

Work Leave

1 week

Complete Recovery

3 weeks



Fat Transfer Surgery in Turkey

You can make fat transfer transactions at affordable costs in Turkey. Many people from different countries prefer Turkey for fat transfer procedures. The reason for this is that Turkey provides high-level service in health tourism. Turkey offers modern and well-equipped health facilities for aesthetic operations. Thus, Turkey provides a professional service in aesthetic operations.

Why Estetica Istanbul for Fat Transfer

As Estetica Istanbul, a medical tourism agency in Turkey, we provide a comprehensive and comfortable service to our guests in the fat transfer process. We offer guests a professional and effective experience by contracting with hospitals with specialized doctors and teams.

  • Professional health tourism agency
  • VIP service
  • Luxury accommodation
  • Comfortable transportation
  • Specialist doctors and hospitals
  • Istanbul tour
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Fat Transfer Turkey Reviews


Diego Fiocco

Fantastic experience! Everyone super nice and helpful. All very knowledgeable, I would trust in their hands with my eyes closed. I look forward to coming back for more surgeries!

Vincenzo Lauro

I am very pleased. Thank you Andrea for the excellent informative work, professional and helpful before the work done.

Jade Bo

I have been there 2 times and will soon return for the third time. From the doctors to the nurses to the collaborators, they are all so kind and reliable. I can only say "thank you"!


Really professional work with really attentive and very very friendly and competent people.

Valentina Rollo

I recommend anyone who wants to feel good about their body to choose the Istanbul Aesthetics team! I could not be more satisfied with my result!


I heartily recommend Estetica Istanbul for the kind assistants, very helpful and committed to the patient. Thank you.

Laura Gianelli

I was able to achieve my dream thanks to Estetica Istanbul. Positive experience, they followed me all the way!


thank you all for your seriousness and the excellent work


Fantastic experience in everything. Great staff and great doctor. I highly recommend this clinic!

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Estetica Istanbul for Fat Transfer

Fat Reduction Injections in Turkey
What is the best country for Fat Transfer?

One of the best countries for fat transfer is Turkey. There are many surgeons specialized in Fat Reduction Injections in Turkey and hospitals use state-of-the-art equipment.

Fat Injection in Turkey
Is fat transfer painful?

Local anesthesia is used in fat transfer procedure. Thus, it is not a painful or painful procedure.

Can I sit after fat transfer?

You can sit after 2 to 3 weeks after the fat transfer procedure. However, this period may vary depending on the person.

Is fat transfer good in Turkey?

Turkey is good at fat transfer. Clinics and hospitals in Turkey offer quality services.

Does fat transfer leave scars?

Yes, but the scarring is very minimal and heals over time. You can get rid of your scars by using the creams recommended by your doctor.

Is fat transfer safe in Turkey?

Fat transfer is safe in Turkey because of the high quality of medical equipment and the availability of specialized doctors.

Fat Transfer Turkey Cost

The price of the fat transfer procedure is in the range of 1000$ – 2000$ dollars. Turkey is more suitable for fat transfer procedures than other countries. In addition, the clinics in Turkey use the latest modern equipment and provide quality service. Thus, it is possible to achieve reliable and successful results. If you are considering having a fat transfer procedure in Turkey.

Fat Transfer Price in Turkey and Fat Transfer Prices in USA & UK

Country Fat Transfer Costs
USA $5.000 – $7.000
United Kingdom $4.00 – $7.000
Turkey $1.500 – $3.000

Step by Step Experience for International Patients

Estetica Istanbul, which has more than 10 years of experience in health tourism, provides services in an inclusive way. Every stage in the aesthetic processes of the guests is perfectly organized. Aesthetic surgeries are performed by the most successful doctors in the best hospitals in Turkey. The choice of hospital and specialist doctor is left to the guest’s request.

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Free Consultation Without Commitment

Within the scope of our free consultancy service; We provide you with detailed information about your journey to Turkey and your aesthetic procedures. Our expert team informs you about the process and offers solutions to all the questions you have in mind.

Appointment and Flight Planning

Your aesthetic date is determined by the availability of you and your doctor. You have the chance to easily choose the date that suits you best. After a comfortable journey, our VIP vehicle will be waiting for you at the airport.

High Quality Accommodation

In our contracted luxury hotels located in the center of Istanbul, we offer breakfast as well as dining and entertainment options. We also offer you double room and suite options according to the agreement.


As Estetica Istanbul, we do not forget your companions. Accommodation, transfer and other facilities included in the aesthetic package are also valid for your companion.

Examination & Surgery

After your examination is completed by the specialist doctor of your choice, you will be ready for aesthetics. We will provide all your transportation between the hospital and the hotel with VIP services.

First Night After Surgery

You will be hosted at the clinic for one night after the surgery for rest and controls. In this process, all your controls are provided by experts.

Enjoy Istanbul

We organize small excursions for you to witness the history and culture of Istanbul. We will guide you on your shopping and entertainment excursions.

24/7 Medical Interpreter and Support

Our translators at our agency provide you with accurate and reliable communication during your aesthetic process. You can reach our experts at any time of the day.

What is Fat Transfer?

Fat transfer (lipofilling) is a procedure in which a person’s own body fat is removed from certain areas and injected into other areas. This procedure is performed for aesthetic reasons and aims to correct body shape and add volume. Fat transfer is performed by using the person’s own body fat. Therefore, no foreign substance enters the body. People who want to achieve natural results may prefer this procedure.

How is Fat Transfer Performed?

In the first step of the fat transfer procedure, the area to be treated is determined. Then fat is taken from the patient’s abdomen and thighs. The fat is then injected into the desired areas with thin needles. The fat transfer procedure gives the body a natural fullness and volume. After the procedure, the areas where fat is removed look more shaped and the area where the fat is injected has a more voluminous appearance.

Which Body Parts Can Have Fat Transferred to?

Fat transfer procedure is performed to add fat to certain areas of the body for purposes such as adding fat, correcting and adding volume. The most common areas where fat transfer is performed are as follows:

  • Fat transfer to the breast (breast augmentation)
  • Fat transfer to buttocks (BBL)
  • Fat transfer to the face
  • Fat transfer to the lips (lip augmentation)
  • Fat transfer to cheeks
  • Fat transfer under the eye

Who’s a Good Candidate For Fat Transfer?

  • Fat transfer is suitable for individuals in good health.
  • It is important to have enough fat tissue for the procedure. There should be enough fat in the areas where fat will be removed.
  • Your body weight should be within a healthy range for the fat transfer procedure.
  • Fat transfer is generally suitable for people who want to add volume or contour correction to specific areas such as the face, chest, buttocks, hands and legs. This procedure can help people who want to achieve a more youthful and healthy appearance in these areas.

What Are the Benefits of Fat Transfer?

  • The fat transfer procedure provides natural results.
  • Since no foreign substance enters the body, allergic reactions are less likely to occur.
  • It takes less time to recover after the procedure compared to other procedures.
  • It provides shaping of the areas where fat is removed during the procedure.
  • The results of the procedure are long-lasting.

What Are the Different Types of Fat Transfer?

There are types of fat transfer procedure. Fats taken from the body are injected into certain areas to give fullness. Below you can find where the fat transfer procedure is performed.

Facial Fat Grafting

Facial fat injection is a procedure performed to smooth wrinkles and add volume to the cheekbones, cheeks and lips. As a result of this procedure, a younger appearance is achieved. Fat injection in the cheeks and under the eyes provides a brighter and more vibrant appearance. Weak areas of the face become fuller and thus the overall contour of the face improves. You can choose fat transfer to the face to balance and improve facial contours. In addition, the results of the facial fat injection procedure are natural and an artificial appearance is not obtained.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation with fat transfer is a suitable procedure for people who want a full and shaped breast appearance. Fats taken from the person’s body by liposuction method are injected into the breast. Thus, a natural and shaped breast appearance is obtained. This method offers a solution for people who want to enlarge their breasts and improve their body contour.

Fat Transfer to Buttocks

Buttock fat injection (BBL) is the process of injecting fat taken from the person’s body into the buttocks. This method provides a fuller and more shaped buttocks. You can have a sexy appearance thanks to the buttocks that become fuller with fat injection. The fat injection process not only enlarges the buttocks, but also makes the fat areas look thinner and contoured.

What Happens Before Fat Transfer Surgery?

Before starting the fat transfer procedure, it is important that your doctor knows about your current health condition. Your doctor will ask you for information about your medications and any allergies you may have. You should also note that you should not take blood thinners before the procedure.

The fat transfer procedure is usually performed under local anesthesia. Therefore, you will not feel any pain or discomfort during the procedure. The choice of anesthesia is determined by your doctor in the most appropriate way for your comfort and comfort during the procedure.

What Happens After Fat Transfer Surgery?

After the fat transfer procedure, you may experience bruising and swelling. However, these symptoms will decrease and disappear over time. It is also normal to have mild pain after the procedure. You can use painkillers recommended by your doctor to reduce your pain.

It is important to take care to rest after the procedure. Limiting physical activities will help your recovery process. Following the postoperative care instructions meticulously contributes to a faster recovery process

What Should Expect During the Fat Injection Recovery Process?

Mild swelling may occur during the healing process after the fat transfer procedure. This usually subsides within a few days. The healing process usually takes a few weeks. However, this period varies from person to person. Your doctor may recommend that you avoid certain physical activities during the healing process. This is important to speed up your recovery and optimize the results.

About Fat Transfer Turkey Istanbul

Operation Goal A more shaped body
Does it Provide Successful Results? Of course, fat transfer performed by a successful doctor ensures a high rate of success.
How many days should i stay? The patient usually does not stay in hospital after the procedure.
In/Outpatient Outpatient
Possible Side Effects Bruising, pain, edema

Do I Need a Visa? Visits to Turkey under 90 days do not require a visa. Please refer to the government’s visa guide for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

The recovery period for fat transfer surgery is 1 week. However, the recovery time may vary from person to person.

You can return to work 2 weeks after the fat transfer procedure.

The fat transfer process is long-lasting. A healthy lifestyle should be adopted to increase the duration of permanence.

Fat transfer creates a more natural appearance than implants.

You must be over 18 years of age for the fat injection procedure.