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Terms of Use for Estetica Istanbul Limited’s Web Site

Everybody, who visits the site or request to use the services available on the site, accepts all terms and conditions of this “Terms of Use” unconditionally. By creating a record at hospitals of Estetica Istanbul and requesting to use the services, you commit to strictly comply with terms and conditions specified in this “Terms of Use” and terms and conditions of “Confidentiality Policy” of Estetica Istanbul , which is an inevitable part of this document, as well as other instructions specified in this site.

Estetica Istanbul reserves the right to amend, solely at its disposal, the “Terms of Use”, “Confidentiality Policy” and other instructions specified in this site at any time. Said amendments shall be valid and binding immediately after they are published in this site. You are personally responsible to follow updates and amendments and Estetica Istanbul shall not assume any liability in terms of notifying the amendments to you. By utilizing the services of Estetica Istanbul , it is deemed that you have accepted such amendments.

The links available in web site of Estetica Istanbul may direct you out of the site (to other site) and Stoa Health shall not assume any responsibility about content, accuracy or function of those sites. These links are available based on good faith and Stoa Health shall not be liable for any change in web sites with links available in our site. Estetica Istanbul or its affiliates or any third party involved in creation, production or communication of this site shall assume no liability for any direct, incidental or consequential penalty, damage, injury or any other liability arising out of access to or use of the site.

All real and legal persons, who are qualified to use civil rights, can utilize services of Estetica Istanbul . Supervision of parent or legal representative is a must for minors (people younger than 18), disabled people and others, who do not have mental capacity.

All registered or non-registered intellectual property rights of titles, trade names, brands, patents, logos, designs, information and methods specified in this site are possessed by Estetica Istanbul or relevant part and these rights are protected by national and international legislation. Visiting this site and utilizing the services available in the site shall not damage said intellectual property rights. By visiting and using this site, you commit not to violate said intellectual property rights.

You may communicate your opinions and advices to use over our web site or to our e-mail address. Such advices can be used by Estetica Istanbul and the person, who communicated the opinion and advice, waives, hereby, any and all consequential rights.

When a subscriber ID and password is entered, the subscriber shall be personally responsible for actions. Subscriber ID and password should not be disclosed to any third party. If required, you will be requested to change the subscriber ID and password.

Our web site can be used for legal purposes in strict compliance with relevant legislation. By using this web site, you commit to act in compliance with laws. False statement to gain unfair advantage, falsifying occurrence date of damages by hiding therefore and use of alias and fake credit card lead to criminal liability. Estetica Istanbul is authorized to take measures, such as banned login and filing a report, in order to prevent such events. Estetica Istanbul is free to accept or refuse delivery of a requested service. If a dispute occurs due to the services that you utilize through our web site, the dispute shall be governed by Turkish laws and the competent body shall be Istanbul (Central) courts and execution offices.


Copyright is possessed by Estetica Istanbul . All rights reserved. Text, visual, sound, animation and video files published in this site and their designs are subject to copyright pursuant to Act Nr. 5846 and relevant legislation. No component can be copied and used for commercial purposes and they cannot be published in other web sites.