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Breast Lift Before After

  • Anesthesia: General
  • Duration of Surgery: 3 Hours
  • Hospital Stay: 1 Night
  • Complete Recovery: 1 Weeks
  • Results: Postoperative

Breast Lift Before and After Turkey

Breast sagging, which women often experience, is becoming a common problem for many women. Breast sagging, which occurs especially due to breastfeeding after childbirth or due to rapid weight gain and loss, also occurs due to advancing age. In such cases, breast reduction surgery, also known as mastopexy, becomes an ideal treatment. Mastopexy operation, which offers excellent results on sagging breast appearance, gives even better results when performed by reliable people and clinics. At this point, Turkey has become one of the reliable destinations for breast lift operations. You can have a safe process by choosing doctors and clinics that perform breast lift operations in Turkey. Turkey, which has a special place with its affordable cost, advantageous breast lift packages and specialist doctors, offers perfect and professional results. Because breast lift operation processes in Turkey are carried out by specialist doctors using the latest technology devices. Thus, patients are provided with natural and permanent results from breast lift surgery.

If you want to achieve realistic and natural results in Mastopexy procedures in Turkey, you can contact Estetica Istanbul’s expert team. Thus, you can arrange your Mastopexy surgery process in Turkey according to the date you want. In addition, your transportation and accommodation needs are organized by Estetica Istanbul’s expert teams. You can have detailed information by examining the before and after images of breast lift surgery in Turkey.