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DT. Hüseyin Bekem



Dt. Hüseyin Bekem was born in 1989. He finished primary, secondary, and high school in Gaziantep, Turkey. In 2010, he was accepted to the Department of Marmara University Faculty of Dentistry. In 2016, when graduated from the faculty with a high honor degree, he started to practice active dentistry. He worked as a dentist in various hospitals, medical centers, and clinics in Istanbul, gathering significant experiences in the sector. He improved his professional knowledge and skills by attending many vocational seminars and courses in domestic and abroad. Dt. Bekem has now 10 years of experience in dentistry and Hüseyin Bekem has experience and a high level of knowledge of surgical operations, implantology, aesthetic dentistry, treatments on laminates, E-Max.


Marmara University: Faculty of Dentistry


  • English
  • Turkish


  • Surgical Tooth Operations
  • Aesthetic Dentistry
  • Laminated Dental Veneers
  • Emax Veneers/ Crowns

Courses and Certificates

  • 2019 Direct restorations: Gaziantep – Türkiye
  • 2019 IDS Dental Show and Courses: Cologne – Germany
  • 2018 Early Extraction Decisions and Occlusion Management Guidelines: Istanbul – Turkey
  • 2019 Basic Implantology: Gaziantep – Türkiye
  • 2020 Occlusion and Clinical Protocols in Implant-Top Prostheses
  • 2021 The latest applications course in zirconium and prosthetics certification: London – England
  • 2022 Application errors and solutions in E-max and laminate treatments: Frankfurt – Germany

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