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How to Care After Hair Transplantation?

Washing and care routines, which are among the most curious questions after hair transplantation, are a situation that greatly affects hair transplantation. It is very important how the care routines that contribute so much to hair transplantation should be, as well as with which products. At this point, you can review our content titled "How to Care After Hair Transplantation?" that we have prepared for you. In this way, you can have detailed information about which care products and how you can develop a care routine after hair transplantation. We wish you all pleasant reading and healthy days.

Why is Post-Hair Transplant Care Important?

Hair care and washing routines are very important for hair transplant recipients. The main reason for this is that it helps to maintain the results obtained and to achieve the desired appearance. Thus, thanks to the right care practices, you can accelerate the healing process, reduce the risk of infection and at the same time support the healthy settlement of the transplanted hair grafts. This requires regular and meticulous post-hair transplant care and the use of the right products. When a routine hair washing and care routine is performed, positive results are inevitable.

What Should Be Considered When Caring After Hair Transplant?

Aftercare after hair transplantation is a phenomenon that should be considered both in dhi hair transplantation technique and fue hair transplantation technique. The main reason for this is that it accelerates the healing process of the hair transplantation area and at the same time helps the hair to grow healthy and fast. For this reason, let's examine the care processes to be considered after fue and dhi hair transplantation.

Day 1 to 8 After Hair Transplant

The period of 1 to 8 days after hair transplantation is very important for the patient. During this period, hair care should be taken very carefully. First of all, the first control should be done after hair transplantation. In the first control, the doctor applies antiseptic solution to prevent the transplantation area from getting infected. This solution helps the grafts to grow healthy. Afterwards, the doctor removes the tapes and prepares the patient for the first wash. It is important to use shampoos in foam form during the first wash. Thus, the grafts are not damaged. Since the patient will perform the washing after the first washing session, shampoos in foam form should be preferred. At this point, you can choose Estetica Istanbul's foam shampoo with a special formula.

Day 8 to 30 After Hair Transplant

Between the 8th and 30th day, the scalp returns to normal. Therefore, scaling and itching gradually begin to decrease. However, care oils should be used to prevent these processes from recurring. As care oils generally moisturize the hair transplantation area, they prevent scabs and itching. Thus, it helps to create a healthy scalp. When choosing a care oil, make sure that it contains healthy oils such as sweet almond oil, castor oil, sesame oil, apricot kernel oil, grape seed oil and jojoba oil. Because these oils not only moisturize the scalp but also help the hair grafts to grow. You can use Estetica Istanbul's hair oil compress with sweet almond oil, castor oil, sesame oil and jojoba oil.

Month 8 to 3 After Hair Transplant

Within a period of 1 to 3 months, the healing of the hair chemistry area has largely taken place. However, small spills may occur during these periods. These spills should definitely not worry you. Because this situation is quite normal. In order to stop these spills and grow healthy hair, supplements should be used internally as well as external care. In this way, it helps the hair grafts to grow stronger and faster. In 1 and 3 months, multivitamin tablets containing active ingredients such as biotin, ginseng and zinc should be used to stop hair loss and strengthen hair grafts. These tablets also provide internal support. At this point, you can use the hair multivitamin tablet recommended by Estetica Istanbul, which contains active ingredients such as biotin, ginseng and zinc.

Which Care Products Should Be Used After Hair Transplantation?

"Which care products should be used after hair transplantation?" is one of the most important questions that many people who have hair transplantation are curious about. The reason for this is that in addition to the care after hair transplantation, care products also have a great effect on hair transplantation procedures. At this point, we recommend that you pay attention to the points we have prepared for you below. In this way, you can achieve permanent results in a short time.

Multivitamin Tablets

Multivitamin tablets are one of the products that must be used after hair transplantation. These tablets, which contribute greatly to the growth of hair grafts, are suitable for use for men and women and both strengthen the hair follicles and help the hair follicles to grow in a short time.

Mossi Hair Vitamin 120 Tablets
haarex multivitamin
Haarex Multivitamin

Hair Shampoos

Hair shampoo is one of the most important products to be considered after hair transplantation. Therefore, the content of the shampoo should be very natural. For example, you can choose an anti-shedding hair shampoo containing biotin, panthenol, aloe vera, saw palmetto, natural extracts and minerals with peace of mind. In this way, you can clean the hair follicles in a healthy way.

Haarex Shampoo
mossi hair loss shampoo
Mossi Hair Loss Shampoo

Hair Serums

Hair serums are products that support hair transplantation and should be used 14 days after hair transplantation. This makes it more possible for the hair grafts to hold and nourish. For this reason, if you want to use hair serum after hair transplantation, pay attention to its content. Make sure that it contains active ingredients that nourish the hair in general and repair the scalp.

Mossi Ozonized Oil Serum Complex
Mossi Flacon Set Hair Loss Serum

Anti-Shedding Hair Sprays

Do not neglect to use anti-shedding sprays in your post-hair transplant care routines. Because these sprays greatly prevent hair loss that occurs after hair transplantation. However, it would be better to use it 1 month after hair transplantation. This improves the quality of the transplantation and prevents shock spills.

Haarex Sprey


Another detail that should not be overlooked in care routines after hair transplant surgery is dermaroller. Dermaroller generally accelerates the blood flow in the head by massaging the scalp. This greatly accelerates hair growth. However, when performing dermaroller, make sure that 45 days have passed after the transplantation.

Mossi Flacon Set Dermorolle 2 Months
Mossi Dermorolle Set 6 Months


In the first 1 month after hair transplantation, biotin-containing nutritional supplements should definitely be added to the care routines. Because biotin-containing nutritional supplements strengthen the hair and at the same time improve the quality of hair grafts.

You can contact Estetica Istanbul's experts for Best Supplement for Hair Growths Shampoo & Vitamins & Serum that you can use in post-hair transplant care routines. In this way, you can have detailed and reliable information. For more information about hair transplantation, you can visit the Hair Transplant in Turkey page.