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Using Shampoo After Hair Transplant

You may have many questions about shampooing, showering and care after hair transplantation. In this article, we have explained how you should wash your hair after hair transplantation. We wish you a pleasant reading.

What Happens to the Scalp After FUE Hair Transplantation?

After the hair transplantation process is completed, the healing process begins. Small crusts usually form in the transplanted areas. These crusts usually start to fall off within 7-10 days. Redness and sensitivity may occur, but this is very normal and decreases within a few days. Using the right shampoo during this process helps to gently cleanse and heal the scalp. The recommended shampoo should be specially formulated for the often sensitive and healing scalp.

Washing Hair After Hair Transplant

After hair transplantation, the scalp becomes sensitive and special care is required to avoid damaging the hair follicles. During this process, the question "when can i wash my hair after hair transplant?" may come to your mind. During the first three days, the scalp should not be wetted with water and the scalp should not be touched. During this period, it is important to provide the most favorable conditions for the hair follicles to settle and the healing process to begin. After three days, the hair can be washed. Translated with DeepL.com (free version)

How To Do The First Hair Wash After A Hair Transplant?

Use warm water for the first hair wash after hair transplantation. Take the shampoo in the palm of your hand and lather it. Your shampoo should be a special shampoo. You can choose Haarex and Mossi shampoos in this process. Then apply very lightly on and around the transplanted area. Avoid direct pressure on the scalp. Instead of applying the shampoo directly to the scalp, you can apply it very lightly with your fingertips. When rinsing the shampoo, again use warm water and rinse gently by directing the flow of water to the top of the head, not directly to the transplant area. Translated with DeepL.com (free version)

How Do I Wash My Hair After Hair Transplantation?

After hair transplantation, you usually need to use a mild and gentle shampoo specially formulated for sensitive scalp. If you are looking for a shampoo, you can choose Haarex Shampoo and Mossi Hair Loss Shampoo. After applying the shampoo to your scalp, you can wash it with warm water. After applying the shampoo, you can use Mossi Ozonized Hair Oil Complex to heal the wounds on the hair. Then you can strengthen your hair by using Haarex Spray. It is necessary to do these treatments, but it will be much better to use vitamins in addition to these products. By using Mossi Hair Vitamins, you can ensure that your hair gets the nutrients it needs and heals faster. These vitamins nourish the hair follicles and help the hair grow healthier and stronger.

Best Supplement for Hair Growths Shampoo & Vitamins & Serum

Haarex Shampoo
Mossi Hair Loss Shampoo
Mossi Ozonized Hair Oil Complex 50 ml
Haarex Spray
Mossi Hair Vitamin 120 Tablets
Mossi Hair Repairset Shampoo + Foam

Can I Wash My Hair With Cold Water After Hair Transplant?

Paying attention to the temperature of the water when washing your hair after hair transplantation can directly affect your healing process and is critical for maintaining the health of your hair follicles. The temperature of the water should be neither too hot nor too cold. It is best to be at a warm temperature.

How Often Should I Wash My Hair After The Hair Transplant?

The hair should not be wet for the first three days after hair transplantation. After the third day, you can wash your hair every day. As the healing process progresses, you can return the frequency of hair washing to your normal routine. However, this transition should be made in accordance with your doctor's recommendations.

What Shampoo to Avoid After Hair Transplant?

After hair transplantation, it is recommended to avoid certain types of shampoos, considering that the scalp is sensitive and in the process of healing. Below you can find the types of shampoos that should be avoided:

  • Shampoos containing sulfates
  • Alcohol-containing shampoos
  • Shampoos containing parabens
  • Fragrance-added shampoos

What Is Best Shampoo After Hair Transplant?

The best shampoos to use after hair transplantation are Haarex and Mossi shampoos. These brands also have hair serums and sprays. Thus, you can find many products that contain the necessary care your hair needs. Since the ingredients of these products are natural, they are ideal for your scalp that becomes sensitive after hair transplantation. Natural ingredients help prevent scalp irritation and help maintain the hair's natural moisture balance.

Can I Wash My Hair With Normal Shampoo After Hair Transplant?

After a hair transplant, it may be an option to use baby shampoo instead of regular shampoos, as baby shampoos are usually milder and gentler. However, it is more recommended to use shampoos specially developed for post-hair transplant care. These special shampoos are formulated to relieve scalp scaling, help heal wounds and promote stronger hair growth. In the post-hair transplant period, the use of such products is important to gently cleanse the scalp and prevent irritation, in order to protect the hair follicles and promote a healthy healing process.

Can I Use Conditioner After Hair Transplant?

If you have had a hair transplant, you can use conditioner after shampooing. However, when choosing a conditioner, it is important that its content is suitable for the scalp that has become sensitive after hair transplantation. A conditioner with clean and gentle ingredients can nourish your hair while making it easier to comb.

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