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Bodybuilding and Aesthetic Surgery

Bodybuilding is an application that people of all ages are willing and want to achieve in various ways. Bodybuilding, which is based on the development of the person's physical form and muscles, is usually done by weight method and requires a regular exercise program.

Intense training, protein supplementation, etc., made for men wanting to have a physically strong appearance at a young age. These conditions provide a high level of muscle mass and a physically vigorous appearance. However, it is very difficult to maintain training intensity in later ages. The body shows fat and sagging due to the inability to maintain the usual intense training and the lack of protein to occur. This makes the person yearn for his youthful appearance, and as the age progresses, the rate of feeling uncomfortable with his appearance in the mirror increases.

Although the sagging problem after bodybuilding is intense in men, the situation is no different for women. Women who have a dense muscle structure in the past face the problem of lubrication and sagging in advanced ages.

So, is there a way to eliminate the appearance of melting muscles in advancing ages? Bringing back the old vigorous image sports etc. Although it is very difficult with activities, there is a way to have a body that has stood the test of time. Plastic surgery.

So, which procedures can plastic surgery affect your physical problems? Let's learn together.

Post Bodybuilding Process

  1. When you start exercising, you feel much more energetic thanks to the serotonin hormone secreted by your body, and the process gains momentum over time.
  2. You may want to speed up the process as your muscles reveal themselves over time. This can lead you to increase your training intensity and turn to supplements.
  3. Your body develops rapidly with the effect of intense training and additional supplements.
  4. The muscles formed as a result of not being able to maintain the same pace in advancing ages or the lack of protein weakening the muscles leave themselves to lubrication and sagging.
  5. Due to the minimum level of tissue regeneration in advancing ages, sagging can only be recovered by surgical methods.

Tightening After Stopping Bodybuilding

At a young age, the body's self-repair and tissue regeneration are at maximum level. For this reason, the muscle structure, which turns into fat after quitting the sport, can be recovered and easily returned to its former state after starting the sport again.

After a certain age, tissue regeneration of the body is negligible. In addition, the amount of collagen in the old skin is less than the younger skin, which reduces the self-recovery rate of the body to the minimum level after quitting sports.

What to do?

Body lift operation and other aesthetic operations are the most effective solution for people who have lost excess weight to punctuate the process with the least deformation. Thanks to tummy tuck surgery, the hollowed-out skin tissue is removed from the body and the person's body is made ready for sports and development.

Intensity and Treatments of Sagging Areas by Gender

Abdominal: Abdominal Lift AestheticsBack: Body Lift
Arm: Arm Lift AestheticsInner Leg: Thigh Lift
Butt: BBLChest: Gynecomastia
Breast: Breast LiftAbdominal: Abdominal Lift