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Is Turkey the Best Place for a Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant treatment is one of the favorite aesthetic methods worldwide. Hair transplantation, which has a wide medical literature and approach, is performed in most countries. However, among these countries, Turkey stands out with the service and superior success it offers to its clients.

It is a worldwide known fact that Turkey is one of the best places for hair transplantation. Turkey is a country that has proven itself in every field with its technology and the expertise of its doctors in hair transplantation. In this week's article for you, we have also touched on why Turkey is so good in hair transplantation. In the content of our article, you can access the details that Turkey stands out in hair transplantation. We wish you good reading.

Hair Transplant in Turkey: What to know before you go to Turkey

Hair Transplant in Turkey Procedures

Popular city for hair transplantation


Average cost

€2000 - €4000

Stay in Turkey

min. 3 days

Most popular technique 



6 to 8 hours 


Local anesthesia




7 to 10 days 

Return to work

2-5 days after treatment 

Why is Turkey so Popular in Hair Transplantation?

Complete hair transplant services, surgeons who perform treatments with a lifetime guarantee and affordable medical operations are among the main factors that make Turkey popular in hair transplantation.

Turkey has become one of the favorite destinations for those who want to treat their hair in a natural way. Within the scope of health tourism, many people plan for hair transplantation in Turkey every year. The main reason for this is that hair transplantation operation results in Turkey offer absolute success.

Is Turkey the Best Country for Hair Transplant?

Turkey ranks among the best countries in hair transplantation with proven success. Below are the factors that make Turkey successful in hair transplantation:

Experienced Health Personnel

Turkey has an advanced education in the field of medicine. The high and comprehensive training of medical staff ensures that doctors and their teams excel in hair transplantation. In addition to basic education, physicians who complete their education with internships and practices have proven themselves internationally with the professional development programs they have received in their fields. As the demand for hair transplantation increases every year, more and more doctors are choosing to specialize in this field.

Equipped Medical Facilities

The popularity of hair transplantation in Turkey is supported by well-equipped and hygienic facilities. The technically and physically well-equipped hospital experience ensures that people can undergo their treatment in comfort. Many patients around the world also choose Turkey for hair transplant treatment due to its superior level of service.

Comprehensive Hair Transplant Packages

The most important factor proving the success of the international patient experience is the customized hair transplant packages. Hair transplant procedures in Turkey are organized to meet all the demands of international clients. In addition to the quality of the treatments, even a tour of Istanbul is planned specifically for the clients. Moreover, all hair transplant procedures have the most affordable costs worldwide.

Special Treatment in Hair Transplant

Turkey has advanced hair transplant procedures. The different techniques in hair transplantation are perfected with the experience and expertise of doctors in the country. The reason why the treatments are flawless is that the surgeons offer customized treatment. During the preliminary examination, the treatment is started by determining the hair transplant procedure in accordance with the person's health condition, hair and skin structure. Therefore, successful hair transplantation results are achieved in the treatment.

Alternative in Hair Transplant

Turkey is home to hundreds of clinics with different techniques in hair transplantation. This allows patients to have many alternatives in their treatment. Having many options among clinics and hospitals that prioritize the happiness and trust of the clients is among the prominent factors that make people prefer Turkey for hair transplantation.

Medical Tourism in Turkey

Hair transplant procedures in Turkey are one of the treatments encouraged by the government. To encourage medical tourism, Turkey provides visa facilitation for individuals, grants to facilities, specialized services and equipment at international standards.

Cost-Effective Hair Transplant Procedures

One of the main reasons why Turkey has become a center for hair transplantation is that it offers comprehensive treatment with more affordable price policies compared to the USA, England and European countries. In Turkey, medical care is provided with care and operation techniques are offered at lower costs. This is, of course, a high quality and affordable treatment opportunity for international clients.

Is it Safe to Get a Hair Transplant in Turkey?

Hair transplantation in Turkey is among the safest procedures. The medical accreditation of hair transplantation centers, regular government controls and security protocols are among the factors that support this confidence. However, in order to have a healthy and safe hair transplant, one should choose the doctor and clinic carefully.

What is the Success Rate of Hair Transplant in Turkey?

Turkey is a country that is considered successful in hair transplantation. The expertise of surgeons, the quality of medical facilities, and technically sound hair transplant procedures are among the factors that support the success of hair transplantation in Turkey. While the doctor's expertise is the key to the success of hair transplantation, there are also details that affect the results. The success of the treatment also depends on the health status of the person and the strength of the grafts. In other words, it is not enough for the surgeon and technique to be superior; the person must also support his/her own treatment with his/her health and care.

Hair Transplant in Turkey: Estetica Istanbul

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