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Month by Month Change After Breast Aesthetics

Breast surgery is one of the aesthetic procedures that many women prefer to increase their self-confidence, correct breast shape or change breast size. We have compiled the changes that may occur after breast surgery for you to understand the changes in breast tissue and to see the changes in months. You can read the changes after breast surgery according to months below:

1-3 Days After Breast Surgery

When you look in the mirror for the first time after breast surgery, you can see the changes in the breast area. You may feel swelling, bruising and pain in the breast 1-3 days after breast surgery. This is a natural part of the healing process. With cold compresses and rest, your swelling and pain will ease considerably. If you have had breast augmentation or breast lift surgery, you can shower carefully and relax after 2 days. However, if you have had breast reduction surgery, you can take a shower after the 3rd day. If you have a question like "What kind of bra should I use after breast surgery?", the answer to this question will be medical bras.

1 Week After Breast Surgery

Swelling and bruising may still persist 1 week after breast surgery. However, a significant reduction can be seen. Pain levels may be alleviated and the feeling of tension in the breast area eases. The nipples may appear low at first, but this situation improves in the following weeks. If you have had breast reduction surgery, you can get rid of back and lower back pain caused by large breasts this week. If you have had breast augmentation surgery, the breast implant and tissue begin to fit into place after a week. However, you may need to wait a little longer for it to be fully in place. During this week, you can massage as your doctor has instructed you. Massaging helps to reduce the feeling of tension in your breast.

1 Month After Breast Surgery

One month after breast surgery, swelling and bruising are greatly reduced. The nipples may begin to erect and the breast will continue to look natural. Pain sensation can be considerably reduced and you can move more comfortably. It is important not to interrupt the doctor's checks during your recovery process. For this reason, you should go for regular check-ups or keep in touch with your doctor through online interviews.

3-6 Months After Breast Surgery

3-6 months after breast surgery, the breast shape becomes more distinct. The nipples may become erect and the pain sensation disappears. You can see and feel the results of the surgery most clearly in these months. The feeling of tension in the breast disappears and the breast softens. During these months, you can start wearing bras other than the bra recommended by your doctor.

6 Months After Breast Surgery

Six months after breast surgery, the healing process is complete. Edema and swelling in the breast area disappear completely. The breast may have a more rounded appearance and you can achieve the aesthetic appearance you want. From this month onwards, your incision scars disappear and no scars remain. Your restrictions will be lifted after the sixth month and you can move more comfortably.

Social Life After Breast Surgery

You may have some questions about returning to your social life after breast surgery. If you are thinking "How long after breast surgery can I return to my daily routine?", you can return after one week. You can meet your friends after the first week. One week after breast surgery, you can start driving and return to work if you feel well. However, it is useful to do some activities over time. If you ask "When can I start doing sports after breast surgery?", you can start doing sports from the first month. However, it is recommended that you run at a moderate pace and do not lift weights. You can swim in the pool or sea from the first month. If you want to go to the sauna or Turkish bath, you can do so from the sixth month. If you want to sleep on your stomach or side, you can do so from the third month.

If you want to have breast surgery, you can visit our Aesthetic Breast Surgery in Turkey page and contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can breastfeed after breast surgery, as the breast tissue has not been treated in breast surgery.

It is important to wear a bra after breast augmentation surgery. If it is not used, there may be problems in the placement of breast tissues and deformities.

As a result of breast reduction surgery, you can have a more balanced body proportion. You can look and feel thinner.

For breast surgery, you need 1 week's leave from your workplace.